Optimum drilling machine with fan belt drive

drilling machine with fan belt drive

Bench drilling and column drills with belt drive are ideal for use in workshop and repair service as well as for the amateur and professional handyman . The bench drills and upright drills are securely mounted to the workplace to ensure maximum safety . Their application areas are wide-ranging , also the processing is not limited to soft materials . It may , depending on the performance of the respective bench drill, are processed from wood plastic to different metals . Examples are in the individual drills, drill was tested in steel ( S235JR ) . Our column drills are offered with 3 - phase AC or three-phase and 1 -phase alternating current or luminous flux . Benefits of powered belts drills are their relatively quiet operation , they are largely maintenance-free ( no lubrication ) , light weight and i.a. high rotational speeds.

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  1. OPTImill MH 25V
    OPTImill MH 25V
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  2. Optimill MB 4P action set
    Optimill MB 4P action set
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  3. OPTIdrill B 34H Aktion...
    OPTIdrill B 34H Aktions-Set
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